I love “Joan of Arcadia.”  I’ve found it to be smart, spiritually up-lifting and thought-provoking in good ways.  I was verry disappointed when it was cancelled simply for attracting the wrong target audience.

But my grievance with CBS is not the subject of my post.  When I started watching “Joan,” it was in its second season, or possibly the tail end of its first.  Because I liked the show so much I bought the DVDs when they came out and I’ve been catching up on the episodes that I’d missed.

One of the episodes I saw today disappointed me and frustrated me.  Now, little bits like God telling Joan that she wouldn’t be able to percieve His true form because it’s unlike anything she knows make me shake my head.  (Um, hello?  “Let us make them in Our image?” Does anyone READ the Bible?) I let them go though because I know different churches have different beliefs on that subject.  But today she asked him a direct question, the Grand Question: Why?  Why does anyone live, why does anyone die?  He didn’t answer her!  He just smiled and said “Here’s your house.”  (They were on a bus, so it’s not quite as random as it appears.)

 I know it’s a bit much to expect that they then would have had Him give the Plan of Salvation that I spent January teaching my Sunday School class about.  NO answer, though?  Not even the vaguest set of platitudes that could be put together out of the New Testament?  Are you trying to tell me that NONE of the other churches even have the slightest clue?

Usually the show makes you feel and think but this episode is either a crummy cop-out or the rest of the Christian community is apallingly ignorant.