History really burns me up.  There’s a post at the Bloggernacle Times about Joseph Smith, his run for President and his communcations with other presidential hopefuls.  The U.S. treatment of us burns me up every time.  It’s just sad, pathetic and sickening.  Almost I could swear Satan was driving the country to try to ruin us.  I certainly wouldn’t be surprised.

 Prior to the Civil War, “State’s Rights” was the rule.  The founders had believed that whatever the Constitution didn’t say you could do you simply COULDN’T do.  Most people in Joseph Smith’s time would have seen it that way as well.  The Constitution didn’t say that the federal goverment could interfere with how a state dealt with the people therein, therefore it couldn’t.  Therefore, our people were rounded up and shot, their livelihoods and properties taken away and all other manner of crimes and injustices commited against them and they had no redress for the highest level of government they could appeal to had been the one to issue the extermination order.

No wonder they decided that the solution was to set up their own state.  Yet while they were doing that, the Civil War was fought and the federal government gave itself the right to interfere with state law.  What better use for that pretty new power could there have been than to send an army to attack a temple, or to deny practicioners of a specific religion the right to vote?

Talk about damned if you do and damned if you don’t.