The Stake Teacher’s Training held a month ago was interesting and fun but in the end didn’t really give me any new teaching tools.  Lots of great ideas for props and ways to make the classroom a more homey, comfortable environment but unforutnately not much discussion on how to handle students who appoint themselves each other’s keepers or how to deal with disparate age, knoweldge and skills in the classroom.  To be fair, the person doing the “Valiant” class session had to leave early and so I missed about half of the opening session.  I may simply have missed that part.

Anyway, I’ve been applying the “Come Alive Classroom” principles.  I hit the dollar store and bought a little lacy valance for the window, just to dress it up a bit.  I got a green tablecloth (no lace) from the same place but I’ll probably try to replace it with something cloth.  The plastic is just too crinkly.  I also bought a bunch of foam paper and made a sign that says “Valiant Girls” in blue and has a green-and-white CTR shield in the middle.  I just got that up today– not that the girls commented on it.  *sigh*

On the other hand, they may not have seen it.  I chose to simulate the curse of darkness that the Lord inflicted on Egypt so I turned out all the lights in the hallway and the light in the room.  The girls loved it.

I’m not sure how much of the lesson they got– but then I’m never sure how much they get.  I just look back on my own Sunday School experiences (I was no model child) and pray.  Today’s lesson focus was the power of the priesthood and I tried to focus on that.  Unfortunately, I’d rather expected them to ask sharp questions about why the priesthood was given to males and not females.  They didn’t and all my careful preperations for that went out the window and I had to make the rest of it up as I went along.

Children that age are so fickle.  Sometimes it’s a good thing.  I had to come down pretty hard on Natalie and Lynette and Lynette was pouting.  Class was pretty much over so I told them to tell me one thing they appreciated about the priesthood and I’d give them their last star and their treat.

For their treat I’d made challah bread and as Lynette munched away she beamed at me.  “You rock!” she said.  Yeah, fickle is good.  Sometimes.  heh.