I don’t know how, but I’ve managed to make it completely through Primary, Young Women’s and even my ward’s half-baked attempt at Seminary* with no idea how to study the scriptures. I read them. I read a chapter every night. I even began a re-read of the Book of Mormon on my own last year, before the Prophet’s challenge. I continually amaze (and confuse) my husband with my knowledge of the stories of the Patriarchs but it seems that’s about all I can do. Remember what happened to who and maybe sometimes why.

I try to study. Verses that confuse me are always checked in the footnotes but it seems like every time I look up one of those cross-referenced scriptures, I find a scripture that refers back to the one that confused me in the first place, with nothing made clear.

I have nice little crayons for highlighting passages. I’ve made myself a little color code and keep the key in my scriptures. (I’ve got a large print quad which I affectionately call “The Monster.”) I was working my way through D&C but ran into a 100 verse chapter. My nerve failed me and rather than slog through it all I started reading in the New Testament instead. Maybe it’s a reflection of my opinion of Paul (I opened up to one of his letters and have simply continued from there) but I haven’t hightlighted anything for weeks.

I feel that I’m going about this in a very haphazard way and I wonder… is everyone as mixed up as me? Or does anyone have any handy little tips to share?

*My ward was so small and the high schools so far away from the building that we didn’t have any seminary at all for a year. Then someone set up some kind of home-school seminary where we met at someone’s house before school and did worksheets. The crepes that Brother H made for us in compensation of the early hour were good; the worksheets… well, I think you can guess how enthusiastic we were about more homework.