I lost my wedding ring when I was out weeding this morning.  I have no idea how; perhaps my pants have a hole in the pocket.  All I know is that I put it in my pocket to protect it from the dirt and such and then when I was inside it wasn’t in my pocket.

I thought perhaps I hadn’t quite gotten it into my pocket so I went back outside planning to search the doorstep, which was where I’d been when I put it in my pocket.  On the way, I kept thinking about something Krista had said about praying for her lost wedding ring.  Unwilling to be too stubborn to pray I did so.  As I did, I cast my eyes down… and there my ring was.  Sitting smack in the middle of the driveway.  If I hadn’t decided to pray then, I would have continued on to the doorstep, not found it and begun panicking.

I suppose I would have found it later but I really, really appreciate being spared the panic, harrassment and frustration on a day where I already felt overloaded.