In his response to my “Small and Mysterious Mercies,” BrianJ said:

Maybe the help we recieve in a prayer isn’t as important as the message it conveys. In your case, was God trying to teach you “prayer before panic”?

That lesson came none too soon.  Yesterday morning as I was cleaning my knife, it went off.  My nice, big chopping knife whacked me solidly just above the knuckle on my right index finger.  My husband had left for work.  I managed enough prescense of mind to grab a clean dish towel from the drawer to press against the cut but then spent a couple of minutes walking in frantic cicrles.  It was bad enough to scare me but not bad enough to call 911.  In my panic, BrianJ’s “prayer before panic” came back to me.  I didn’t manage more than “Please God help me” but it was enough.  With His help, I was able to calm down enough to make the decision to walk to the hospital a few blocks away.  Still keeping the pressure on my hand, I locked the door, remembered to turn off the water (I’d been watering the garden) and set off.  I was still scared.  The walk seemed long, I didn’t know anyone in my neighborhood to turn to… but then I remembered Mrs. R.  She lives behind us; she knew my husband’s grandmother when she was alive and living in this house and despite being 70-something years old, still has a car.  She’d taken us grocery shopping a couple of times.  I was fairly sure she’d be up (it was around 8-8:30 am) so I rang her bell and asked her to take me to the hospital.  Instead she cleaned the wound (with the stuff that bubbles but doesn’t sting), bound it up with gauze and tape and drove me to my doctor’s office (which has walk-in hours).

There (after a long wait but at least they have a TV in the waiting area) I got a stitch.  Yes, a stitch.  Though deep, the cut is also pretty short.  Between that and the tetnus shot, I’ve effectively lost the use of my right arm for awhile.  However, I’m thankful that it was no worse and I’m especially thankful for God’s lesson and BrianJ’s help in deciphering it.  You really never know how your words can help someone.  🙂