I’ve been listening to the radio a lot lately.  The radio (usually) has more variety than the collection of songs I have on my computer and I enjoy the chatter of the djs.  Every now and again when they come back from (or head off on) a commercial break, the announce makes some comment about how 99.9 mix is a “standard” radio station.

Oh, don’t I wish.  I wish there were such a thing as a radio station with standards.  Ideally such a station would screen all new releases.  It could even have a contest (like 99.9 does) where the listeners get to choose which songs get added to the playlist and which get dumped.  I think there’s a need — and maybe even a desire — for such a thing because the airwaves are getting dirtier and dirtier.  If I hear Justin Timberlake’s asinine, oversexed song one more time, I think I WILL whip him as he so kindly offers to allow me to “if he misbehaves.”  IF he misbehaves?  He misbehaves just by singing that pathetic excuse for a song.  Boasting to the world that every girl you see — even the one already with someone — will “burn it up for you” is bad enough but then, in the same song, claiming that “no on else makes you feel this way…”  Words fail me.  What’s even sadder is I didn’t have to look up those lyrics– they play the song about five times a day.

Then there’s Pink’s latest offering.  I rather enjoyed “Stupid Girls.”  It was funny and smart.  There’s nothing redeeming about “It’s Just You And Your Hand Tonight.”

I know there are songs that some people love and some that get on other’s nerves.  I find “Lips Of An Angel” to be pretty stupid but find nothing objectionable about it.  That is part of why I listen to the radio after all, to hear songs outside of my usual favorites.  I like variety and I like the chance to find new favorites.

I just wish for a radio station that weeded out the offesive, gratuitous, stupid over sexual songs.