…I’m looking forward to this with equal parts excitment and dread.  Well, not dread so much as trepidation.  You see, this will be the first time for us.  We’ve been aparment hunting sure, but that was in Japan and that was just for the two of us.  We hope to be starting a family soon so there’s all of those considerations to take into account.

Of course we’ll settle wherever DH gets hired but part of what we’re going to try to do is search out areas we’d want to live in and then apply to those school discricts.  (He’s going to be teaching high school.)  Here’s where your help comes in.  What kind of things do you look for in a city or township?  What are good points and bad points?  Great bonuses and run-screaming-the-other-way points?  Who would you talk to to find out such things?