This is what I did (with some help in planning from my husband who is in teacher’s college) for lesson number one from the Primary 7 manual. Lesson title is “Becoming Familiar with the New Testament.” (See here to “meet” my students.)

Opening Prayer.

Attention Activity: Book Scramble. (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.) Questions to ask: What are these? Where do we find them?

Brainstorm (5 Minutes) : How scriptures can change our lives. (Example: when I need comfort, I read the scriptures.) Assign a student to list everyone’s ideas on the chalkboard.

Scriptures: Ask for a volunteer to read 2 Timothy 3:16 &17.

Questions: What does Paul say the scriptures are good for? What does he mean?

Game: Four Corners. Hand out four pieces of paper and pens. Ask one group to write “Doctrine,” and “Correction” the other to write “Reproof” and “Instruction.” (Write the words on the board for them to copy if necessary.) (Note: these categories came from the scripture reading.)

Have the children clear the room of obstacles. Tape the papers in different corners of the room. Have the children stand in the center. Explain to the children that you are going to point to items on the list they made during the Brainstorming Section and you want them to run to the corner they think applies best. Compare and discuss eachother’s decisions.

Share your testimony of the scriptures.

Closing Prayer.

This lesson went very well; the kids really enjoyed the game and actually asked to keep playing at the end of class. They were interested, involved and interacting. Most importantly, they were thinking! Yay thinking!

Things I would do differently next time: I would ask the Scripture question BEFORE I had them read the verses so they’d know what to listen for. Isn’t it always the little, basic things that trip you up? As it was, they had to read the verses three times and still didn’t really get it, even though by the second reading I’d asked them the question. I’m thinking of doing a mini-lesson at some point on how to read Biblical English; perhaps I’ll pair it with a mini-lesson on methods for studying the scriptures.