In January I went home for a week. During that week my husband decided to surprise me by cleaning out the computer room. Needless to say, most of the computer room ended up in the living room as an amorphous mass of papers, books and other miscellanea that we needed to weed through. Said amorphous mass ate the dining table and all of the floor space.

The Home Teachers came over. I straightened up, made sure there were clear seats available, then smiled and shrugged.

My Visiting Teachers are coming over tomorrow. This will be the first VT visit I’ve had in a year or so. (Not that I’m SuperVisitngTeachingWoman myself.)

I couldn’t take it. The idea of these women seeing my house in this state… Gyaaaah.

After considerable digging, the table has been re-discovered. Though earlier efforts had yielded encouraging results from the floor blob, one final push of locating and categorizing was necessary before the floor was re-claimed.

The dusting and vacuuming will be done tomorrow. The bathroom will be wiped down. The amazing pile of dishes we managed to accumulate this weekend (in large part because I have declared Sunday my No Housework Day) has been whittled down and will be vanquished tomorrow.

I ain’t touching that Great Wall of Books-to-be-Sold-or-Donated in the laundry area though. Even if it is clearly, plainly, unavoidably visible due to the open-concept aparment design. Gyaah.