Opening Prayer.

Attention Activity: 2 groups — who can finish the verse first?

_____ came to John the ____ in Judea ____ ago and was baptized by ______ in the river ______’s flow.

Question: What does it mean “baptized by immersion?”

Scripture reading: two students do a mini-play.

Jesus: I want to be baptized.

John: I can’t do it. I need to be baptized by you; why come to me?

Jesus: this is how it must be for now; this way we do everything right.

John: Then I’ll do it.

Discussion question and activity: Jigsaw.

Break students into two groups.  Give them two minutes to discuss and decide why we need to be baptized.  Tell them you want reasoning, not just “because God says so.”  When two minutes are up, combine them into one group.  Tell them to compare and discuss their answers and come back to you with an answer they all agree on.

Enrichment activity: categorze the following strips into the things we promise God when we are baptized and the things He promises us.

Give us eternal life.

Stand as witnesses of Heavenly Father at all times and in all places.

Give us daily guidance through the Holy Ghost.

Help others.

Give us many blessings.

Serve Heavenly Father and keep his commandments.

Forgive our sins.

Become members of Jesus’ church.

Share testimony.

Closing prayer.

Things went pretty well today, in large part thanks to the support I’m getting from the new Primary Presidency.  Nikolai and Stephen were being disruptive and rude so I sent them to see the Primary President.  I expected her to keep them for a few minutes and send them back; she just kept them.  This lessened my numbers, which made the groups more difficult to arrange, but also upped the atmosphere by quite a lot.  The kids still tended to silliness but it was at managable levels.

I actually ended up with five minutes left over at the end of class.  I improvised and asked if anyone could recite the Fourth Article of Faith.  John searched his scriptures for it (totally on his own initiative) and read it out to the rest of us.  We then wrote it on the bookmarks I made to remind them of their reading assignment.  This was a mixed success; John did well but the others either have writing difficulty or are still too new at it.  Almost no one finished and few were legible.  Oh well, we tried.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do with class clowns?  Stephen isn’t a bad student, just full of energy and a need to be the center of attention.  When I make him our “chalk man” (he gets to do the writing on the board) he does well with that and is more focused in class but I can’t do that every single time.