Opening Prayer.

Attention Activity: Brainstorm. Subject: Temptations

Scripture puppet show. (Made two puppets, Jesus and Satan. Also drew scenery on the blackboard.)

Discussion questions to listen for:

Why did Jesus go into the wilderness?

How do you think fasting and being with God helped prepare Jesus to resist temptation?

How did studying the scriptures help Jesus resist?


Narrator: The Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be with God. He fasted for forty days and forty nights. When he was done he was hungry. Then Satan came to him.

Satan: If you are the Son of God, command these rocks to be bread.

Jesus: Mankind does not live only on food but also on the words of God.

Narrator: Then the Spirit took Jesus to the holy city and put him on the top of the temple. Satan followed them.

Satan: If you are the Son of God, throw yourself off. The scriptures say that the angels will save you.

Jesus: Do not test the Lord God.

Narrator: Next the Spirit took Jesus to the top of a very high mountain. Satan followed them there too. He showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and their glory.

Satan: I will give you everything you see if you will kneel and worship me.

Jesus: Get away from me; the scriptures say “Worship the Lord your God and only serve Him.”

Narrator: Then the devil left.

Answer discussion questions.

Decide, Pray, Listen to the Holy Ghost — how can doing these things help us resist temptation?

Role Play resisting a temptation from the earlier Brainstorming activity.

This lesson did not go smoothly. I was expecting 6 or more students and I only got 4. That meant three students to do the puppet show and one to watch. If I’d thought faster I’d’ve taken the role of narrator myself but I’d planned it with one particular student in mind and it didn’t occur to me to change things at the time. Alvin put up a fuss about not getting to read anything; in vain I pointed out that he’d read the last time we acted the scriptures out. Stephen was willing to trade places but Alvin just doesn’t have the reading ability the activity required. In the end Alvin refused to watch. It was not our best effort.

I had to send Stephen out to find his dad later; I’d paired the boys up for an activity and when I refused to let Stephen and Alvin pair up (because they’re out of control together), Stephen sat back in his chair and pretended to sleep. I asked him to participate; he refused. I asked if he needed to go see his dad; he didn’t respond. So I sent him to find his dad. In normal circumstances I would have sent him to the Primary President but she was out of town and we were too shorthanded that day.

This lesson ended in a bit of a muddle but the scripture reading/puppet show went pretty well. I’m pleased with that at least.