June 2007


He’s a misogynist.  Contrast his approach with Christ’s; the scriptures abound with stories of Christ’s interactions with women.  Paul told us to sit down and shut up.

He argues against senior Apostles  and tries to claim more authority than them.  Instead of working with them to unite the church he further splinters things with his claim that even the so-called “super apostles”  cannot contradict him. (Gal 1:8: the term was changed to “angels” in later scripts, as I understand the situation.)

According to the Catholic priest down the street, Paul is a source of Trinitarian creed.

Can anyone out there in the Bloggernacle give me  even one good reason not to dismiss Paul as an interloper and the beginning of the rot we call the Apostasy?


I am a Harry Potter fan. Love the books. Love them. A co-worker of mine is a very devout Christian (Southern Baptist I think) and he and his wife home school their 3 children. They decided on home schooling to ensure that their children learned correct values and the like. Very, very nice people.

The other day I asked him if he or his children had read Harry Potter. He was very adamant in stating that they are evil, occult and lead children to Satan. I have been doing some research (driven by his comments) and have even spoken with some internet ‘friends’ who are Wiccan – I cannot see any connection. He admitted to never having read the books, but I was very surprised by the emotion he had behind his answer. Very surprised.

I know there are verses in the Bible that speak of witchcraft and the like (i.e. Duet 18:10-14). I have been a member my entire life and know very little about this ‘occult’. Is it really something to be ‘worried’ about? Why does the Church not address it?? Harry Potter – good or evil?

I plan to keep reading it and can’t wait for the final book to come out. Just thought I would see what y’all thought.


Guest Poster Amy