I am a Harry Potter fan. Love the books. Love them. A co-worker of mine is a very devout Christian (Southern Baptist I think) and he and his wife home school their 3 children. They decided on home schooling to ensure that their children learned correct values and the like. Very, very nice people.

The other day I asked him if he or his children had read Harry Potter. He was very adamant in stating that they are evil, occult and lead children to Satan. I have been doing some research (driven by his comments) and have even spoken with some internet ‘friends’ who are Wiccan – I cannot see any connection. He admitted to never having read the books, but I was very surprised by the emotion he had behind his answer. Very surprised.

I know there are verses in the Bible that speak of witchcraft and the like (i.e. Duet 18:10-14). I have been a member my entire life and know very little about this ‘occult’. Is it really something to be ‘worried’ about? Why does the Church not address it?? Harry Potter – good or evil?

I plan to keep reading it and can’t wait for the final book to come out. Just thought I would see what y’all thought.


Guest Poster Amy