What can I say here?  I’ve been reading voraciously since third grade.  I have a degree in English. “Leet-speak” fills me with a deep and urgent need to hit people over the head with an unabridged dictionary.  My husband and I taught English as a Second Language in Japan for three years and did our level best to bring the country back with us.  I love horses, manga and sci-fi.  I’m a sixth-generation LDS woman beginning the fascinating study of early church history.  I plan someday to get a bat and engrave “The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints” on it and use it for the… “edification” of some of the more annoying members of the human race.  Okay, so I wouldn’t really do it.  God commands us to love one another, not hit one another over the head.  But sometimes it is SO tempting…


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Sunbaked Says:

    While I may not agree with your religious beliefs your conviction is refreshing, especially with the whole “leet-speak”. =)

    On the whole “bat” issue, would it be okay if you used said bat in the edification of annoying people out of your love and desire to expand their knowledge base? =) Or does that not work?

  2. Steve Says:

    Interesting that you and your husband taught English in Japan for three years! My wife and I lived in Russia for 8 months when we were first married, to lead a group of 15 college-age volunteer english teachers. In fact, I still work for that non-profit organization 15 years later. Who knew! Did you guys organize your teaching yourselves, or did you teach through an organization? The organization I work for is called International Language Programs(ILP) and is based in Provo.

  3. pdoe Says:

    Sunbaked: I’m sorry I haven’t responded in so long! It never occurred to me to check my “about” page for comments. Sadly, no I don’t think using my bat on the annoying people out of my love and desire to expand their knowledge base works. Certain said annoying people (like the ones who stand outside the Conference Center during General Conference or outside the Hill Cumorah Pageant) would then feel justified in using their own particular bat on ME out of their love and concern. So God and the world are better served by people like you (and I hope like me) who are willing to disagree respectfully.

    Steve: We taught through a company by the name of Nova. There were a lot of things about how the company worked that I didn’t like but I did enjoy my time there. I’m going to look up your ILP; it sounds interesting!

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